How to Make Your Kitchen Look Better with This Easy Decor

An aesthetic and neat kitchen shows the personality of the owner of the house. Below Malinda has given some tips to provide an aesthetic and neatly arranged kitchen feel for you to practice at home.

  1. Use Carpet from Mat

The kitchen is a place that is often used as a place to pass by, so you have to choose unique colors and patterns. We recommend antique Persian rugs because they have a perfect and antique look that can help hide common stains and wear and tear. There are also very good non-vintage options that make your kitchen look much better. carpeting is also key so that you can keep the carpet from slipping, and the carpet mat underneath will make your feet feel soft which is perfect for when washing dishes.


  1. Replace the regular fruit bowl with a legged one

If you have a fruit bowl in your kitchen, here’s one of the accents that will add color to your kitchen atmosphere. Legless bowls are indeed meaningful, but we recommend legged bowls because they can add a level game to the items in the kitchen and the shape is also more attractive.

  1. Arrange the space above your cabinet cabinet

The room above the cabinet is the right choice, because the room above the cabinet is sometimes a forgotten space but can be a great place to display collections, art, bowls, books, plants, anything. Another good thing about arranging the space above the cabinet is that it will grab your attention and make your kitchen look bigger.


  1. Hang aesthetic mirrors in the kitchen

Even though the kitchen is not the main room at home, the kitchen still has to give a comfortable impression when you are in that room. Counting aesthetic mirrors in the kitchen can increase the artistic value in the kitchen. Hanging aesthetic mirrors can help a dark kitchen feel brighter or it can make a small kitchen feel more spacious.

  1. Use trays for cooking utensils

If you want your kitchen countertop to taste nicer and spark excitement, a tray can help you make it all happen. Also arrange kitchen spices equipment in an aesthetic place to add value to the room. Trays can make items look more modern and luxurious.


  1. Add fresh herbal greenery instead of cut flowers

Greenery can animate a room, in particular. Herbal greenery is very useful to have. Having herbal plants can also save costs or kitchen needs. For example, if you want to make a homemade sauce, you can simply pick from the plants you grow.

  1. Using Overhead lights and using cute lights

Lights are cute accessories and can help warm the atmosphere in the room and add nicai aesthetics as well.

  1. Make Shelves open

By creating an open shelf for the storage of items the kitchen needs will give your kitchen a special look. Having an open shelf can make the space feel more airy and create visual interest in the beholder.

  1. New hand wipes with unique motifs

Get some towels or rags with unique motifs to bring out some patterns and colors that stand out. If your current towel looks sura, you can replace it with a new one that will spark a new love for washing and drying dishes.


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