5 Things You Should Know About Bar Interior Design

The interior design of the bar includes a number of aesthetic and functional elements that only a professional can meet. From conceptualizing designs to acquiring furniture and decorative accents, Ansa Interiors can help you create unique sets that speak for themselves. Read on to learn the nuances of  a more refined  bar interior design and how we can help you every step of the way!

1.Focus on ways to maximize efficiency in the workplace

Before looking at customers, it is important to understand that bar profits are primarily driven by bartenders. Optimize the design in a way that facilitates free movement (for waiters) while ensuring the best utilization of shelf and counter space.

Finally, a well-thought-out design is the main differentiator between excellent and bad design.

With this in mind, we created a bar interior design  that drives performance efficiency. For commercial bar configurations, about 3 inches of space at the back is considered sufficient. For waiters to move and serve customers, a hallway between 31 and 37 inches wide is enough. Have these dimensions built into your bar design, and the staff will serve your customers with ease!

  1. Follow the bar equipment placement guide

Another aspect to pay attention to is the placement of different types of bar equipment. Let’s look at them one by one.

First things first, the ice container should be placed at a decent height where the waiter can easily pick up ice, again and again. Adjacent to the ice container must be a sink, for obvious reasons.

Next in line are cleaning supplies: Place them in carts that are easily accessible, but invisible to customers. Stack crockery on the back and on the table as well.

Keep all the important decorations on the table so you can cover that Caesar drink with pickled olives in an instant, perfect that sangria with melon balls and berries, and the like!

  1. Make it attractive to customers

Now that we’ve seen what needs to be done on the design side, it’s time to focus on the king: the customer! Always remember that a bar is a place where people usually hang out to chat and bond, with drinks and food. Therefore, it goes without saying that the atmosphere should be warm and welcoming.

Interact with friends and family, as well as waiters, should be unimpeded. In this context, choosing an open-concept counter design is a great option. In addition, customers can see all the charming and stylish bottles at once, which also indirectly drives sales.

  1. Keep lighting moderate but balanced

Lighting plays an important role in the interior design of the bar.   While ambience is very important here, we also need to make sure there is a perfect balance between dim and bright lighting. Benches and bar tables can enjoy dim lighting that provides a friendly atmosphere for customers to sit back and enjoy their drinks and food.

On the other hand, the server area where the order is placed should have sufficient lighting where customers can make payments and tip waiters as well, easily. For perfect balance, choose accent lights. This is a great style statement and also provides the desired functionality.

  1. Mix and match furniture

As one of  Delhi’s leading interior designers,  we pride ourselves on offering the best consulting and design to our clients. Living that tradition, we help you acquire the best furniture for your commercial bar project, at optimal prices.

To create an attractive atmosphere, choose a mixture of pieces of furniture. Bar stools, armchairs, and open-style tables are perfect style statements. It also ensures that your blades don’t look one-dimensional. Depending on your style preferences, we get all the furniture for you, making for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

  1. Make a lasting first impression

First impressions are important. The entrance to the bar is another factor that requires careful consideration. The entrance is the first area visible to guests. So, whether it’s someone waiting for a table or just checking a reservation, make an attractive entrance. You can add that wow element through unique wall accents, décor pieces, or lights. A touch of green in the form of a decent-sized pot can also do wonders for the overall vibe.

  1. Do not compromise with comfort

When betting on the interior design of superlative bars, it is also worth remembering that comfort is the key to serving guests. The bathroom should be introduced into the general scheme of things. They should be placed so that they are not too close to the dining room or bar. In addition, the instructions to the toilet should be clearly marked so that guests can go there on their own, without having to ask the staff. Adequate cleaning and sanitizing measures should be followed, keeping the aesthetics intact.

The only factor that remains constant in all elements of the bar design is the music you choose to play. This is the only component that will keep your guests engaged at all times. Choose something that creates an optimistic and lively atmosphere. Happy guests are what we finally want!


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